Montag, 10. April 2017

"I'm not like the others" - a reminder of how important it is to be different

It is time again to share my personal thoughts with you guys.
Lately I've felt relatively comfortable with myself and I blame it on my scheduled and efficient time management. I definitely realised that once you are extremely busy there's no time for self-doubt or even self-hate.

BUT (and that's probably what you've been waiting for, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on that post)

... there are exceptions.

Some months ago I posted to an anonymous app how exhausting it is to go out with friends that are simply flawless. Whenever you're out with them you are left behind because they just overwhelm everybody and you feel like the ugly potato next to them.
This post got such a big response and it became clearer to me how many girls feel the same way.

And in a world where it seems that there is only one type of "sexy" you mostly get the feeling that you're not part of that type. 
Believe me when I say that I'm at the very beginning of that journey and you probably have heard everything before but you should never stop listening to this most important fact I'm about to tell you:


Y'all be like: Seriously, that's all? That's why I took the effort to scroll down for so long???

Guuurl, yes. 
I'm not kidding, I have flawless friends. And they have a boyfriend or at least a thousands of guys who would do anything to become this man. To cut things short: I don't.
And you know what? That's ok. I want someone who is different. And therefore, I gotta be myself.
I strongly support the fact that all females should support eachother. But I'm not ashamed to say that I'm just not like the others. That doesn't mean they're not good the way they are. I'm simply just as good - in my own personal way. 

The wisest friend I have - Elisabeth - (you should all get to know her. Maybe I convince her to write a book or something) gave me the best advice ever:

"It takes time but it's definitely worth it to appreciate every centimetre of your body. See yourself as a unique and piece and limited edition. This piece is maybe weird, it may like weird music, it may spend too much much money on clothes but it is the only existing fucking piece in the world and just because of that you should feel special. Embrace your mistakes, learn your lessons, self knowing is really important. Step in front of every mirror and say: 'I'm the SHIT" and you end up believing it. One day you'll know that you're the shit."
Elisabeth Badjoko Wa Lileko

You see, Elisabeth is a smart woman. She stopped comparing herself to other women and believe me, she's flawless. 

 Now let's transfer that to one of the most important things in life: L.O.V.E

I know what I'm talking about when I say that the worst thing you can do is trying to be like somebody else to make a person, or a man, like you. I know it sounds sooo cliché that personality is more important than appearance. 

But it's true. An interesting man may be attracted to a pretty woman but he will settle with the one who stands out from the crowd because the way she speaks, the way she thinks and the things she does make her a goddess. 
If a man settles with a pretty girl that only differentiates from other girls with her beauty then this man is not worth the pain. 

I've been single for quite a while now and, to be honest, not because I wanted to. There were many reasons I decided to stay single but only for the past weeks I've realised that meanwhile I'm single because I'm waiting for someone who will appreciate my look AND my personality. 

You want a man who's "not like the others" so embrace your weirdness, embrace your difference, embrace your imperfections.
Little "imperfections" like curves, cellulite or slightly uneven teeth won't outweigh an innovative and unique spirit. Rather be the one who doesn't look like Barbie but has a mindset like Michelle Obama. I guarantee you: It will pay off.
I love you and you should do to!

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