Freitag, 10. März 2017

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My little bunnies,
today I'm coming for a small "hot or not" list. I feel like the upcoming season has so much in store for us and I seriously have to say that I haven't been as happy as I am now for quite a long time. Being absolutely content and pleased is just such a stress relief and I'm glad I can say I finally made it to that point where I don't want to change anything in my life for now. *life update completed*

Okay, let's start♥


hot: label shirts
I know I've talked about this already but I cannot get enough from label shirts atm. I love print shirts but most of the time I find the slogans quite embarrassing that's why I never wear them. But with label shirts it is different. As long as you don't wear Ed Hardy or Hollister - how could a label shirt be awkward?
not: culottes
I do not understand how this could become a trend at all. Luckily, they changed the trend a bit and now the lose carrot pants are more of a thing now. But please, throw them away they do nothing for you. 


hot: Puma x Fenty
Okay, this is already a very old trend but I have to admit that the new collection really got me. The slippers are soo Ghetto-Marie Antoinette and the sneaker collection is just futuristic as usual. This season I cannot help but get the new goodies.
not: old school studs
Away with these wannabe-rockstyle applications. Straight and simple (additional: bows) is the thing we're going for this season and I don't wanna see any unnecessary metal on shoes at all. 


hot: "Selfish" by Future feat. Rihanna // French Rap
Guys, that's my jam. What else to say?
not:  Taylor Swift and Zayn
No. Her time is over. My support for her as well.

Fitness & Body

hot: Tabata
I know, I know: It's soo 2013. BUT I feel like more and more people are getting back to the HIT 4 minutes because it a) saves time and b) is so effective. So go back in time and re-start the Tabata fitness trend!
not: soy
Soy is supposed to be the best substitute for literally everything: milk, meat, protein,.... But girls, be careful: Too much soy will increase your hormones. A uncontrolled increase in hormones can cause illnesses, also breast cancer. No offend, but just don't use too much.


hot: "intellectual stuff"
Any kind of books, art, famous quotes packed in simplicity is the vibe to go. Since I'm finally moving in July the inspo-game is real at the moment. Sophistication is the thing.
not: ethno 
No Indian scarfs on the wall, no fairy lights wrapped around your bed and no Buddhas around the house. Gives me scary goosebumps. 


hot: "Lipstick Jungle" by Candace Bushnell
For all of the young women who pursue a career but also love. If you love SATC, you'll also love Lipstick Jungle. 
not: Thrillers
The world is bad enough already, no need to enjoy books about these stories. I never understood how people like thrillers anyway...


hot: flea markets
Flea markets nowadays can turn second hand fashion into real lifestyle events with a lot of cool people to meet. Watch out on your facebook events, there are so many cool events for girls. Bloggers or just cool fashionistas will sell their stuff for peanuts.  
not: binge netflixing in spring
As soon as the sun is shining, Netflix should actually close its doors. I'm not a TV person anyway but with so many things to experience it's so bad to me to spend hours watching a thousand episodes of a series. Who knows for how long we'll be able to experience all these nice things out there?! 

Okay, lovelies.
That's it. Short but simple. Tell me your thoughts about it and what's hot or not for YOU at the moment ♥ 


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