Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

H&M S/S 17 Paris Show

Yup guys, it's true. I stayed awake for you to watch the H&M fashion show in Paris for the spring summer collection 17 which ended exactly 13 minutes ago. Well, the show actually took only about 13 minutes anyway.
So I made use of the glorious screenshot function and that's why I have the exclusive footage nobody else is having at the moment, hell yeah. 

So basically, the collection consisted of literally three colours: pink, black and white.
The show consisted of what? Surprise, you guessed it: 3 friends of us: the Hadid sisters AND The Weeknd.

Poor Bella, kinda reminded me of the awkward Victoria's Secret Show in the beginning of the year where everyone of us was literally shook. But as you can see on the pics, I even caught her smiling, probably only a facial expression of revenge, since Bella doesn't seem to smile often. But at least Nicki Minaj was enjoying her front row seat next to somebody famous I didn't recognize. Could have been Big Sean but who knows exactly...

So while all the models were filmed having the best night of their life with the biggest party ever, the live-stream audience was cut off real quick. Well girls, have fun celebrating Abel (singing his lamest song ever) and please don't overeat.. otherwise you would be big enough for size extra small and we all know, that in fact, we don't want this. 

Okay guys, that's it with the sarcasm. See you in my next post!


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