Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

When you accidently open your second mail account and get THIS invitation

Picture: YUNA YANG

Since sunday my level of excitement is beyond any heights. I wonder if one could be TOO lucky. But the story I'm about to tell you seems to have no happy end...
Okay so you guys have to know that I have a separate mail account for the purpose of this blog. And since I'm a smart cookie I usually let all the spam mails be sent to this account. PLUS "nobody is gonna wanna cooperate with me anyway". So over the years I've accumulated about 700 mails - I didn't read them but I didn't delete them either...

SO on sunday I had the urge to have a look in my mails, particularly for finally deleting all the spam mails. 

first mails: spam mails. 
me: no surprise, delete them all *gets a rhythm of deleting mails*

next mails: requests of blogs to collaborate 
me: cool, they are interested in me, great! *looks at the date of the mails*
date: 2014

me: damn. 

mail 3: request for a collaboration from an Italian shoe brand
me: Omg so coooooool. They have amazing shoes. I'm so happy they chose me. I want these shoes! *checks date*
date: 2015
me: nooooooooooo, whyyyyyyyy

mail 4: invitation to a press conference for an art convention
me: Check the date in advance, who knows if this is a mail from 2010.
date: 17.01.2017
me: FINALLY! So gonna be there.

and now, Ladies and Gentlemen.....

mail 5: YUNA YANG 
me: another spam mail from a Chinese brand...delete that m..wait...nyfw...nyfw...*bells are ringing*


Guys, to cut things short: this mail was not a fake. In fact I've spend at least a day to finally get the answer: this mail is absolutely no fake, it's all real, I've been invited to NYFW by the label YUNA YANG.  *YUNA YANG Website
The label offers super stylish and artsy fashion. The innovative styles are a statement but can definitely be worn by the "everyday woman". The previous collections are absolutely gorgeous.

So now we come to the sad part of this whole journey: I am hella broke. Flying to New York for NYFW *heavy breathing* would absolutely burst my budget.
So just in case you want to donate feel free to do so to send your girl to New York Fashion Week LOL just kidding. 
(ok seriously, if you wanna donate, hit my DMs) hahaha. ha.

Nevertheless, this invitation was such a big motivation and kind of a "wake up call" for me, something I needed. Sorry for my overwhelmed post this was seriously the best message I could ever receive, even if I'm unfortunately not able to go. 

What I've learned from this lesson:
1. Never stop believing and keep grindin'
2. Always check your mails


p.s: let's talk about the donation again...think about it, I can still accept the invitation ;))) JOKE


  1. na das klingt ja nach einer besonderen Überraschung in deinem Postfach!
    ich hoffe du hattest super viel Spaß und die bringst die EIndrücke bald auf den Blog :)

    ❤ Tina

    1. Liebe Tina, das kann man wohl sagen, haha :D

      Liebe Grüße!


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