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South African Streetstyle Hypez - Durban

Okay this is finally happening *heavy breathing*. I'm SO happy to announce that the first collaboration with my awesome people from South Africa is finally on Hypez & Vibez today. This time I will take you away from European street style into South African swag. Prepare for a whole lot of inspiration. Dive in and enjoy.

Tyrese and Ndumiso
The two students absolutely rock their preppy skater outfits! Fashion will always be something they pursue. Their style inspirations? PARIS streetstyle! "We definitely like French brands like Versace!". Besides the local inspo in Durban they also name ASAP Rocky (see, they have good taste!) and Reece King from London. Best trends atm? Denim! What else? "Vintage, cause fashion is constantly repeating itself!".
If you wanna check out Tyrese and Ndumiso in Instagram go follow the link to mswenko7 and tyreserooi

Hold on, hold on! Is this a badass outfit? Fun fact: She has a badass look but the cutest voice you can imagine! Kim owns a custom line, studied fine arts and travelled a lot. As fashion ispiration she names "everyday life and the people she's met". She also loves to check out European street style. Favourite city she would want to go to besides NY? Berlin. Who said Germans don't have style? Kim doesn't follow trends because "that would be limiting myself".
Follow Kim on Insta @kim_is_plur and check out her amazing custom line @savage_customs_za
Another very nice account you should follow is the @maze_mag where you can find a lot of nice inspiration.

This gorgeous lady is obviously what? A make-up artist. Fashion is basically a part of her job. When we asked Naomi about her inspiration she told us that "challenging herself with fashion" is her biggest inspiration. Reflecting her personality through fashion is what makes it so fascinating for her. Just like Kim, Naomi doesn't want to follow trends. We can tell: She doesn't need to. Naomi is a very own trend herself!
If you DO wanna follow THIS trend you might wanna check Naomi out via king_naomiblvck and I promise: This IG is lit.

Let's spread positivity and good vibes with Tsepo from East London! Don't know bout you but I cannot help but smile because these pics are personified good vibes. Mesh, Denim, White. Trend completed. Tsepo wants to pursue fashion as a career so SHOUTOUT, holler at me if you want Tsepo to work with you. His fashion inspiration? Well, prepare yourself for deep thoughts: "The universe itself. The world itself is design, because it was designed." Best tip Tsepo has given throughout the interview: Don't tend to forget the little things. That's where inspiration comes from. What should be more focused on in fashion is unisex clothing, says Tsepo. It makes everything easier for designers. 

Amanda mixes an extravagant burgundory shirt with a long train with simple white jeans and black accessories. Simple but perfectly elegant and trendy. 
Follow her via dlamiez 

Last but not least: my personal hero of the post: Nama. 
This bundle of energy describes herself like this (spoiler alert: most amazing self-description ever):
"I'm a spirit child born and bred along the seaside where I belong - amongst tropical temperatures where my melanin can glisten in the sun. I study and work as a candidate architect as my day hustle and moonlight as a lifestyle influencer."
Her style is influenced by her mood. One day she'll give you sportswear, the next day she's in prints: "If you feel a certain way about something go with that and rock it!".
Fashion must-haves? "Clean underwear, lipbalm, basic tees, light jeans and a kick ass expensive pair of footgear". She said it all.

What originally started as a small post about 2 or 3 people has now grown to a great series! A special thanks to this pretty lady! You should ALL follow her on IG: @nama_28 
Since I'm here in Germany I asked Nama to search for style highlights in the streets of Durban in cooperation with me. This woman knows how to slay and put such an effort into interviewing and scouting people in Durban. I'm more than thankful for her, amazing job! ♥

Okay guys, that's a wrap. Thank you to all who participated in this project! Stay tuned for the Cape Town edition with the help of my friend Ntokozo!

again: follow Maze Mag on Insta!


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