Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

5 Fashion Instagrams you should follow

February has been around for quite a time and we can slowly but surely smell spring waiting for us around the corner. You might need a little bit of inspiration and some updates for your Instagram game. Grasp some impressions of these 5 inspirational ladies I am going to present you now.

photo: serrabellum/ Instagram


this IG has a very elegant yet super trendy feed with amazing outfits, food and interior inspo. @serrabellum is a gorgeous lady with an excellent taste. Life goals - (and couple goals because she and her boyfriend are literally the sweetest couple)!

photo: fridagrahn/ Instagram


Frida Grahn is not only a fashion expert, she's also an interior stylist with a great taste of art. She also does a lot of paintings herself. Her clear, natural and timeless style leaves the feeling that she definitely has her life in order but allows creativity to sneak in as often as possible. I've been following @fridagrahn since day 1 and I've always enjoyed whatever she shared with us!

photo: thriftsandthreads/ Instagram


Brittany Xavier is the head of the Instagram which lets fashion lover hearts beat faster! The fashion themed IG has a vivid feed. Brittany is such a sympathic woman, she always responds to comments and is just being super friendly all the time! @thriftsandthreads provides her 538k Followers with super cute and stylish outfit inspiration and most important: with positive vibes!

photo: ami.coco/ Instagram


The German fashion blogger from Frankfurt is a great example of a modern woman who is able to interpret traditions in a cool and trendy way. There are unfortunately not a lot of women like @ami.coco who decided to stick with traditions, turn them into a stylish accessory and even go public with it. Her style is a huge inspiration - hurry up and hit her Follow button.

photo: thelovemagazine/ Instagram


@thelovemagazine as an IG based on the Love Magazine is definitely a piece of fashion art. The magazine features various models and VIPs and put them into unique and also absurd settings. It's a modern and innovative feed with a lot of colours, visual impressions and best of all: variety! Short video sequences and nice previews of photoshootings make thelovemagazine a very special IG which is absolutely worth of following!

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  1. Tolle Accounts hast du da raus gesucht! Ich mag den von @fridagrahn auch sehr gerne.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermaedchen


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