Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Why "La La Land" should receive every Oscar it is nominated for

"City of stars, are you shining just for me?" - La La Land is currently nominated 14 times for the Oscar which will be awarded in February. Since I've read so many negative reviews about this movie lately, I definitely have to defend this brilliant piece as much as I can. Here's why I think "La La Land" has to receive every single Oscar it is nominated for.

Well, I'm not trying to be rude but in my opinion the reason for all the negative feedback is that people have lost their ability to dream. Because this is what this movie is all about. And I'm sure that only the helpless dreamers could relate to this instantly. Reading headlines like "La La Land" is "Blah Blah Land" just made me smile because this person obviously has lost any sense for magical moments, dreams and lifegoals.

I must admit that the movie struggles throughout the whole time to find that authenticity that a musical film needs. But this is exactly what makes it so charming - the lack of authencity and the unreal situation. Ryan Gosling as the passionate jazz musician and Emma Stone as the cute but unsuccessful actress are clearly a risky pick for the roles but they still kinda managed to reach my inner emotions - even John Legend who actually can only impress me when being together with Chrissy Teigen :D

The music, the dresses, the lovestory of Sebastian and Mia - everything is so retro and oldschool Hollywood that I got goosebumps watching it. 

The film drowns in melancholia but still it spreads so much positivity. And this is what a lot of movies are lacking at the moment. 

Especially now, when the world seems to be upside down and America is facing the biggest challenge since a long time, movies like "La La Land" are exactly what the world needs. 
No violence, no evil, just two people who fall in love and try to reach their dreams. 

I've never understood why apparent "normal" movies suddenly involve a scene where the protagonists start flying but since "La La Land" I got it - it makes you feel ashamed of the whole movie scene but in fact it gets you out of your comfort zone. Including unrealistic scenes like this will make you realise how much you've become an adult and how you lost the sense for anything surreal. Think about that!

What also caught my attention was the beautiful music throughout the movie. Not only the songs which were sung but the nice jazz tunes in the background give the feeling that maybe sometimes the old times really might have been a bit better.

I really recommend building your own opinion by watching the movie. And I make the following prophecy: 
All the hopeless dreamers who still reach for the stars will LOVE it. The rest will say it's Blah Blah Land.

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  1. i watched the movie without knowing anything about it apart from hearing others say it was good. while watching it i was all positive because i like jazz, old movies and dancing. but i was trying to find out what is so especially good about it and i still cant say. dunno to me the movie is medicore... what i didnt like was the two main protagonists being dreamers. why would i want to watch a movie about people that dont care about facts? what i liked most was all the famous people in the backgrounds. some of them ive met when i was dancing myself.


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