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What is "LB" and is Kylie Jenner "Goals"?

She's 19 (like me) and puts a certain label on all of us - Kylie Jenner. The past few years she has become the biggest social media influencer and, in my opinion, destroyed the image of a woman, we should look up to.

While doing some research for this article I've come across her IG and the weird comments below. "LB" everywhere. First thinking it could be the annoying kind of "first" comments I thought I might wanna look it up on Urban Dictionary and I've found various explanations.

So while probably most of the comments had the postive aspect from above in their mind, I'd rather go for the second explanation:

So just in case it's neither the "sexy girl" nor the "little bitch" I apologise for spreading wrong information lol.

Anyways, the main goal of this post is to convince everybody in this world to not see Kylie as "goals" - so let's do the impossible:

1. The Obvious: SHE. IS. FAKE.

Lips, cheeks, butt, hips, waist, breasts, wigs, lashes. Is there anything left on that body that is still as untouched as God wanted it to be? And let's remember ONE thing: she was one of the weirdest looking girls with barely any lips, thin hair and absolutely non-existent curves. And now think of yourself. If you had the money and the crackbrained idea for getting surgery with 16/17 - you'd be the most flawless girl or boy ever. So why admire something that was bought and sold as "natural beauty" when clearly everyone who is not blind has realised that this is the fakest you could be. 

2. Kylie Cosmetics just carries her name

I'm not trying to sound like the ultimate hater but if we consider this using minimum common sense we realise that Kylie Jenner has never ever earned anything in her life - besides the attention of a 28-year old wannabe rapper who keeps switching lanes. So the real MVP is clearly her mother Kris who smelled a new money-spinner. The moment Kylie got positive feedback for her injected lips she thought BOOM let's sell this embarrassement and build a cosmetic empire.
Kylie is
a) not the brightest bulb in the box (we known from safe sources that she has passed her high school degree after a fashion) 

b) what else is she doing besides inventing names for her shades (mostly names of her thousand family members), presenting them on her underarm and visit the factory with probably horrible working conditions?

3. She has serious attention problems

I'm sure every single one of you has that one friend who is selfie-filming while doing absolutely nothing. Like, they don't even pronounce the lyrics of a song, they just stare in the freaking camera and obviously enjoy their own view. COULD ANYTHING BE MORE ANNOYING? And now it's your turn to guess who invented that absolutely useless trend. 
Bitch, you guessed it, WHOP!
Sorry K, but how do you even flex your arm to film your injected butt and your tiny waisttrainer-waist while being in the selfie-mode? My arm would literally fall off. 
And please stop this wannabe-sexy staring. Because in the end you look like you haven't understood what your teacher just said and now you're trying to blink it away.

4. Norman is the ugliest dog I've ever seen in my life

In fact, I feel sorry for him because the way Kylie squeezes his face with her oversize-nails is just a thing you don't wanna experience in your life. But this can impossibly the dog of her dreams. This dog just looks like her when she was 12?!

5. She's a weird step-mom

Whenever she snapchats King Kairo (or however that little guy is called) you literally feel the uncomfortable tension. This kid has a 19-year old stepmom which is his auntie as well. If he waits 15 more years, he might have a chance himself. That would somehow closes the circle right? Kylie would be his aunt, ex-step-mom AND girlfriend. The way she looks now I can definitely imagine her becoming the scary botox-lady that keeps herself a 15 years younger boy - given that he's in the rap-business.

6. She's responsible for creating a wrong image for teens and young women

I don't mind showing off your attractive self in selfies. If you're confident you should show your body no matter what size. This is absolutely fine. But promoting surgery the way she does and being rewarded for ABSOLUTELY nothing (Kim is at least a marketing genius, had sex in front of a camera and was able to cope with Paris Hilton) - that's unnacceptable. On top of that, a lot of youtubers told that she was a huge bitch while meeting her (just type in: storytime Kylie Jenner). This is not a woman we should look up to - or at least give her the amount of credit she gets. But while glorifying women like her we forget about the real ones, like Emma Watson, Alicia Keys, even Miley Cyrus is a better role model that her as I find.

I remember talking about Kylie and Kendall with some male friends and their answer was pretty clear: Kendall has girlfriend potential, Kylie is the one you want to f*ck. 
What type of woman you want to be - that is up to you. In this context giving a damn about men's opinion is of course contradictory. But for girls who are living their sexuality freely and open-minded, while doing great things and accepting the way they look without surgery, Kylie labels women in a toxic way. And I really hope that most men are smarter than this.

Sorry for all the bad vibes but sometimes I need to blow off steam about things that really annoy me.


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