Montag, 16. Januar 2017

Rap meets Fashion - A$AP Rocky x Dior

Hip Hop has never been this classy. The Fashion Killa has moved into the focus of the big fashion houses. Already announced in June 2016, Asap Rocky is the face of the fall/ winter campaign of Dior Homme. Not only will he represent the new collection but he will also cooperate with the Parisian fashion giant to release a streetstyle collection. 
Asap was long known to be the fashionista of today's rappers but to represent one of the most popular luxury brands is something that Hip Hop hasn't achieved yet. 
Rap has met fashion multiple times: Kendrick Lamar and Reebok, Pharell Williams and Adidas or Kanye West who even put up his very own label Yeezy which even made it to the Fashion Weeks. But they all have one thing in common: It's streetstyle.
But a collaboration of a high fashion brand like Dior and a rapper like Asap Rocky has definitely been the first of its kind. 

Pretty Flacko has always had a great sense of style and fashion. I remember seeing him live in 2015. The first thing I noticed was the uncommon style he was wearing on stage. Used to rappers with a streetstyle look, cool sneakers and the usual bling bling jewelry, Asap was a real surprise for me. He was wearing a very slim black jeans which was a little too short, elegant chelsea boots, a black print shirt and a black jeans jacket. All in all a unspecial look but particularly elegant for a wild hip hop festival. I was instantly impressed. 

"Man, I will go to thrift stores, I will go to Ebay", said Asap while shopping with the magazine Complex. Fashion "makes him happy, like music does". He doesn't think style must be expensive. He much rather combines pieces in a classy way. People who style brands, e.g Balmain, in a crappy way, still didn't get the sense of fashion. 

Even if Asap stands out from the rapper's crowd he is still through and through the rap guy from the streets. Posing with a package of condoms in his latest Instagram posts next to the pictures of the Dior campaign shoot makes him the kind of sassy man he is.

I really hope for more fashion collabs from this beautiful guy. The combination of Hip Hop and luxury brands should come up much more and therefore, I will reach out for the latest news and announcements.


By the way, I really recommend watching this video. Personally, I think Asap is the cutest and most charismatic rapper ever. I love every single interview of him. 

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