Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

staring at the world through my rear view - 2016

This post will deal with the year that had us going on an endless roller coaster ride - including vomit in the end. 
A lot of you probably don't want to know another opinion about all the happenings, but I'm just trying to process everything we went through the past 12 months.

Starting off with the most recent incident in Berlin. I'm not one of those people whose political opinion on this should be heard that's why I remain silent.
We were taught to pray a lot this year. Pray for Berlin, pray for Brussels, pray for Aleppo, pray for Nice. I wonder how many people actually prayed. I wonder how many people actually just prayed that it will never happen to them. Who am I to judge people showing empathy on social media. Empathy is all we have right now. I wish that we start praying for the right way to deal with this issue. Pray for solutions, pray for change, pray for justice and most important: pray for the strength to keep our way of life alive.

Recently I heard that we are facing major changes. Having dumb Trump as a president of the U.S  or seeing right-winged parties getting more and more successful is probably nothing more than a cry for help. We should help all those who think people like these are the key to better times. In fact, we had the same thing already in 1930. 2016 really showed me what humans learned from history. Apparently nothing.

This year left me speechless. Spending the first two months of 2k16 still in South Africa, the beginning was a great one. When seeing your mother suffering from breast cancer you reach a point when positivity is hard to find but as needed as never before. Even if my mum is cancer-free now, the hardest battle to fight is, as always, the one we have in our head. Fear is always wrong and we must remember for 2017: don't let yourself be controlled by fear. 

Bad things happen. They happen all the time. But when they happen on a regular you become a little anxious and depressed. It's crazy how 2016 was trying to kill our positive vibes. And it did a good job, I must admit. Slowly losing your faith in humanity doesn't really light up your personal life. But I am a 100% sure that this year is a perfect opportunity to reconsider certain things. To improve. One must always fall to stand back up again. I don't have Pac's words "ambition over adversity" tattooed on my skin to no purpose. 

Even Angelina and Brad had a bad year. And Prince knew it's only gettin worse. Yes, it's okay to cry.

What we must keep in mind under all circumstances is to stay positive. Positive vibes are the only thing that can keep us going. The worst thing you can do is throw your optimism away after these heavy 12 months. 

Things like the Mannequin Challenge, the Running Man Challenge (and the revival of "MY BOO"), Blake Lively's new baby or Leo winning an Oscar are things that will keep us going. LOL. Maybe we should just stop to set immensly high standards. My friend who is in New Zealand right now just sent me a postcard. And another one that I got to know through university this year just wrote me a super cute christmas card. Maybe these are the things we should see as highlights of 2016.
Let's dump the crappy rest.
2016 can either destroy our vibes or die trying.

New year's resolutions will be up soon.

Positive energy, peeps!


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