Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2016

#museumcrawl 3 - rem Mannheim

Christmas is over and we want to escape the endless food comas and the neverending questions from all the family members about your (love-)life. What else could be better than educate yourself a little and visit a museum with your friends.
I spent the afternoon at one of the "Reiss - Engelhorn" museums in Mannheim. The main exhibition was about baroque. A dream coming true for all the girls who've always wanted to become a princess. 

The exhibition was actually very nicely ordered and the colours reminded me a little bit of Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" ( I know this was rather rococo/ late baroque). Even it was an experience to walk through the exhibition it still didn't really catch me that much. The samples were beautiful and the pictures were pretty but all in all I found it quite a bit vacant. Maybe that's what this whole epoque was all about. The illusiveness of beauty - endless or faded and a lot of deep thoughts but no real actings. You may see the exhibition as exactly this - pretensious design and appearance but not very impressive content. Especially when it comes to the dresses I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting a lot more. But anyway we had a great time commenting on the unrealistic body standards for women (LOL) and just strolling through this very dramatic epoche.

To be honest it's very rare that exhibitions catch my full attention any time I'm going. But even if you lose your attention or you're suddenly just not that interested anymore it's still good not to let anything hold you back. Go to that f*cking museum. You WILL take anything out of it and even if it's the fact that baroque women didn't wash themselves very often. In order to steadily broaden your horizon it can be so useful to just throw yourself into this sometimes. 

A visit in a museum usually begins with trying to read all the information boards and take immensly long to discover the depth of a sample and ends with finding everything funny af. Believe me, going to the museum with your friends can be so hilarious. Especially if you're a fan of classical memes you could create the funniest memes using the art of previous times. Interpreting old classics in a new way (yes, memes count) will still bring you advantages and benefits compared to those who don't expose themselves to art at all. By the way, museums don't always mean art. You can visit cars, music instruments; there are gaming museums, sex museums, shoe museums, etc... Take a closer look, it's worth it ;)

I wish you a beautiful last week of 2016! I will indulge some more until 2017's resolutions will kick my as*. 
Time to reflect on yourself, your achievements, your improvements and your failures.
Make the last week a good one!


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