Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

15 thoughts you have when your exams are during christmas time

Yes, it has been quiet around here. 
Guess what? Finals have been coming up. There's only one more to go and then I'm finally able to enjoy christmas time to the fullest.
Studying for the finals is hard. The hardest part is literally playing the victim all the time.

Here are my 15 thoughts every student has when there are finals coming up just before christmas. Let me know if you can relate!

1.  Okay. Let's start. Open the book. Start writing your summary. Wow. It's going surpsrisingly well! Let's send my friends a snap, because I'm sooo productive. Uuuuh, that b*tch Felicia just uploaded something in her story. *2 hours later finding yourself stalking your ex's new crush's brother-in-law and his puppy*

2. Studying is literally SO hard. Luckily, my friends can relate to this. Let's tag them on that funny meme I've seen lately, which complains about studying.

3. Why do I suddenly want to go out and drink and party and do the funniest activities? Now that I don't even have a second to do stuff I like?!

4. I'm so jealous of all those people who can enjoy the pre-cristmas time. Snuggling up in blankets and bake fancy christmas candy. 

5. *Europeans* I want to go to the christmas market SO bad. I need hot wine. I need hot wine right now. *drinks 3 glasses of hot wine and can't study anymore because drunk af*

6. I don't know when I should buy my family's christmas presents. Last-minute tips anyone? I could give them my script. If I laminate it, they won't even see the tears on it.

7. Seriously guys, being run over by a car is a REAL option at the moment. 

8. I need more memes.

9. The minute my last final is over I get so hella drunk. Best party ever, it will escalate so quickly, I promise. *3 days hungover in a row*

10. Actually, I don't really need this degree. Bachelor, no bachelor,... I can just marry someone rich. Or get butt implants and become the new Kim Kardashian. I could also strip. I'm a pretty girl. BEING SMART IS SUCH A BURDEN, DON'T PUT ME UNDER PRESSURE!

11. Oh look, I've been tagged in another meme. Hahahaha, so funny. We've come to the point where I'll tag my friends in memes that deal with too much meme-tagging

12. I give up. I can try it again in 2 months. No problem. Let me enjoy "Love Actually" and a hot chocolate. I'm done with this shit

13. I'm gonna keep the summaries just in case I need them again in the near future *tears the papers apart right after the exam is finished*

14. If I have a good feeling on the exam, what should I say to my friends? I can't say it went really well, because if it didn't it'll be so embarassing. But if I say that it didn't go well and I get an A, they'll hate me. Let's just say it was ok but I can't really evaluate.



p.s: my 5 top songs to slay atm

Shakira & Beyonce - Beautiful Liar
Future & Drake - Used To This
Nicki Minaj - Black Barbies

DJ Luke Nasty & 2 Chainz - OTW (Remix)
Drake - Fake Love

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