Montag, 14. November 2016

Französische Filmtage Tübingen - merci pour l'inspiration

We elected the winner! André Techin's movie "Quand on a 17 ans" won the prix de la jeunesse. Actor Corentin Fila received the price.

After an awesome weekend in Prague I finally took some time to reflect on the past week in Tübingen, where the "33. Französische Filmtage" took place. A festival about francophone movies - Belgian, French, African, Canadian or Suisse. And what did I do there? I was part of the youth jury that elected a winner in this category.

I really don't know where to start because this festival has been a week full of new impressions, inspiration and findings. We've met so many interesting people with great points of view and as you might realise while reading this, most of the time I was only sitting there and had a hard time grasping all those impressions. 

Sarah and I

Watching 5 completely different movies and electing one of them was a very interesting experience. We were told to really decide on a gut level and it was crazy how your first impression can differ from your emotion ten minutes after the movie. To choose a winner that really deserved the price was great - but also quite hard. 

Since I'm a person who loves to meet new inspiring people (idk how often I've already used this word now :D) it was a great pleasure to talk to people who are succesful in what they do. Especially when you're aiming to work in a creative cultural field it's good to know others who won't tell you that this job is unprofitable and hard. 
The best example: The International Jury consisting of Dominik Moll, Veronique Joo Aisenberg and Boris Lojkine. They really encouraged us to work for what we want to achieve, get connected and not let the fear of ending up broke af win over our dream.

I know it really does sound cheesy but all the people who are more of a creative head than an economist will understand me.

The International Jury and the Youth Jury

An amazing festival and amazing people - what was also amazing? The location. Tübingen as a university city is as much of a southern German city as can be. Small and narrow streets, cute bars and restaurants and the vibe is, well, chilling. I definitely recommand going there when you are close-by. 

Another thing I really need to mention is the focus on Africa during the festival. I'm so happy that there were a lot of experts who gave the visitors a better impression of Africa than the one they get when watching TV. The documentaries, discussions and speeches of Africans in politics and/or film industry were really enlightening and left parts of the audience totally weirded out. I was shocked when I realised how many people want to stand up for Africa but don't even know the African countries, e.g Gabon. The potential of this continent is unbelievably huge and it was nice to see that so many people of the FFT threw light on that.

You can find the cutest cinemas in Tübingen

Dinner with Corentin Fila

Venues like this make the FFT to something artsy

Having a lot of fun while chosing the winner
I've bombarded you with photos but I really don't have that much to say except:
It has been an amazing week and I'm really thankful for that opportunity. I can only encourage all of you to get engaged in things like this if you are interested - you will definitely profit from it!

Thank you to the festival team and à bien tôt!

Bisous, xx

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