Montag, 15. August 2016

summer vibes - Crete Impressions

While most of you might still got stuck in those summer daazee, personally, I can't wait until fall is coming. I'm already totally in this autumn/fall mood and I wouldn't mind colder temperature and rainy days. Am I the only weirdo that actually feels this way?!
Anyways, I have some of my favourite shots from this year's girls' vacation in beautiful Crete for you. 

Lemme tell y'all: Just in case you want to party in Crete (probably Malia or Chersonnissos) then make sure that your hotel is CLOSE to the party mile. We seriously had a hard time taking the freaking BUS to Malia. It was a disaster. But luckily we could laugh about those stupid circumstances and made the best out of our vacay.  The island is a m a z i n g.

To cut a long story short: These were the pictures of the awesome Crete vacay. Now, for me, summer can come to an end. I'm thinking of doing some "Back to school/uni/college" posts for you, let me know what you think about that!


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