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mandala hypes - cool features of mandalas and my versions of them

Soo before I'll finally find the perfect circumstances to create that freaking fashion-post, I thought I'll be talking a bit about my mandala obsession and how it really helped me to reduce those moments where you totally freaking out about an issue and totally lose the plot.
So first things first (I'm the realest...nah, we already know that :D), drawing, colouring or even designing mandalas are verifiably helpful against stress and lack of concentration.
"In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction." - Wikipedia
So whether you say it's Indian or from the Buddhist Zen culture, the mandalas are gaining a lot of popularity. 
Well, since the western world has finally come across this ancient tradition and created another hype, I wouldn't call it a "symbol of spirituality" anymore. But it's undeniable that it really helps you fading out all other thoughts in your mind, similar to meditation. 
While drawing the tiny geometrical sequences you'll be so focused on the act itself that it calms you down and supports your concentration to the max. 
Since it's all about special orders of geometric forms that are (in the best case) symmetric your brain will get in a sort of trot.

Zen colour books or DIY?
You've probably seen these new mandala books for adults and kids that brought about a massive hype. Your task is to colour the mandalas with pretty colours which is supposed to reduce stress. Slowly but surely, all the housewives with the oh so hectic life (ok no judging, business people as well) have been sniffing the newest trend for stress reduction and relaxation and -  the industry is poppin. 
Personally, me too I bought a "Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book" from lonely planet where you can colour impressive places in the world. Honestly? This book was such a waste of time and money because the pictures are so hard to colour that I literally lost track 5 minutes after I've started. 
So what's my tip to stay focused and to not give up before you're finished? 
Design mandalas yourself! They don't have to have a crazy form or tiny and difficult sequences, they can also be simple and pretty without big complexity. 
To create the mandalas myself really helps me finishing the pieces within approximately 1,5 - 2,5 hours, obviously depending on the size and complexity.

Personal experience with stress reduction

I can really recommend drawing mandalas to anyone who is at least a BIT attracted by drawing, art or painting. When you design the mandalas yourself, you have to "think" more than the ones who just colour them, because you have to invent geometric sequences and put them in a nice form, which will distract you even more. For those who rather don't think at all: colouring is a great alternative.
Anyways, I've definitely experienced a reduced stress level after finishing my mandalas. Not only are you completely distracted from your daily issues but you also feel slight happiness when you look at your completed piece. It has something very relaxing to look at the final result. 
When I have times of completely freaking out about everything and really get deep into a problem that I made up in my mind and that doesn't even exist (and I have these times quite often unfortunately lol), drawing calms me down immediately.  

If you feel stressed at any point in the near future, trust me and follow my tips! Especially those who have never really drawn a picture outside their artclasses in school, this will broaden your horizon.
If you have any questions concerning my mandalas that you have seen in this post, don't hesitate to aaaask :)))

BTW, I came across this oldie by TLC today and ohmy, did I enjoy listening! Who else loves discoveries like these?
Oh and another thing to mention: Tomorrow, Tory Lanez will finally drop his album and I honestly CANNOT wait! It's gonna be so lit, I'll definitely give you my feedback here on the blog.

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