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10 things every girl should get a routine in before turning 20

I know I shouldn't even try to apologize for not having posted something in such a long time but let me explain anyway. 
Since that whole university thing as well as this being sick thing got me going crazy the past two weeks I really wasn't able to do anything besides getting well again and getting my act together before my first semster starts in 3 weeks. 
BUT two weeks are a lot of time to think about life. And since starting university is such a big new chapter in anyone's life, I thought "why not getting your life in order".
So this is how I've come up with this post for ma ladies.

Let me start with my collection of resolutions:

#1: Learn to KNOW and to ACCEPT yourself

I know this may sound cheesy but I still feel like a lot of girls still don't really know who they really are, what their talents and strenghtes are and what you could describe as their weaknesses. A really important step you have to take before turning 20 is to be able to describe your character. To know what makes you happy and what doesn't. To listen to yourself and being able to analyse your own decisions and different behaviours. If you aren't ready to love yourself, at least learn to accept yourself and work on what you really want to change.

#2: Find your style and dress appropriately

Tbh, you still have time to play around with different styles. You will find great outfits that fit you perfectly as well as outfits that are rather a mistake than a blessing. Nevertheless "dressing appropriately" doesn't necessarily mean "dressing chic and classy" - unless you want it to. It's much more about looking put-together. Bad fabrics that are stained, broken or washed-out when it's not supposed to be, should not waste space in your closet. Anything that doesn't fit you well should not be worn. It's not only about the style but pretty much about neatress.

#3: Get into a good and healthy skincare routine

By the time you've reached your twenties, it's important to care for your skin. Make sure you don't use aggressive products that won't help your skin in the longterm. Organic products or at least hormone-free products should be used daily. I'm not a big fan of using a lot of hyped chemical products. Rather stick with natural skincare and be neat with your regular routine. Oh and the most important: Never neglect removing your make-up in the evening!

#4: Get used to moderate exercising

It's really important that we exercise in order to stay healthy and look young. Surprise, I'm sure to be the first person that ever told you this lol. 
It's really not about hitting the gym 5x a week or running an hour every day. It's completely up to you. Find something that you can stick with in the long run. 2-3 times a week is enough to stay in shape and keep an healthy level of fitness. For example you could go  running 1-2x a week, 1x swimming and if you're still keen on exercising, do Pilates, gymnastics or bodyweight training. 

#5: Educate yourself or be commited to a daily business

Whether you study, do an internship or work fulltime already, it's important that you are engaged in a regular routine - a purpose to wake up early in the morning. Your twenties are the time where you work hard to build a solid base for your career. You want to earn money in order to spend it :D, you are young and capable of working on or towards something. If you lose track in your twenties, it's hard to ever get back on it again.

#6: Read

Get a reading routine. Books are so precious and inspirational. It supports your concentration, patience and relaxation. It also educates you in many ways.

 #7: Learn step by step to live on your own

Cooking, cleaning, ironing, laundry and all this shit that needs to be done. In order to become a strong independent woman (this here is for the guys as well !!!) you definitely need to learn how to do all those things. Even if you're not moving out yet, there will be the time when you move out of your parents' home and you will be overwhelmed by all the duties you suddenly have when living alone. Be prepared!

#8: Save money for trips and travels

It's about time to get a piggy bank for all the trips you want to go on in the next couple of years! It's always good to have some money on the side and if anyone of your friends or boyfriend (only god knows when this will finally happen for me though) asks you to go on a spontaneous trip you don't have to sell your appartement to say yes :D

#9: Store your memories

Nice pictures or souvenirs from vacations, late night adventures with friends, festivals, partys, etc. are extremely valuable and always something to keep and to put in order. It doesn't matter if in one year or in 10 years, memories are always something you want to look at. They remind you of your great experiences and that there are still loads of them waiting for you!

#10: Get an opinion

Whether on politics, recent incidents, world situation, trends, a famous VIP - GET AN OPINION and STATE IT! Nothing worse than people who ain't interested in nothing but their own life. You live in a world where stuff is happening, you are soon to be forming this world and it's your freaking obligation to know what is happening and to care about it! There are problems out there worse than your eyebrows or how to handle with your boyfriend. General knowledge is a MUST and the broader the more attractive. 

Sorry guys, but this photo is just my favourite, YAAAAAASSS!
Still, these are suggestions and things to aim for in your twenties that you can already practice now. I'm hella far away from having all these routines but I also have 7 months to go before turning 20 ;). The most important thing for me is definitely #1. Knowing who you are makes everything in life so much easier. Try to learn this asap!

OOOOH WAIT! I actually wanted to make a whole post about this girl but honestly, I`m way too lazy fml. So I have a GREAT recommendation for you guys:

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