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why "cúpla" is the new "squad" - Open Air Frauenfeld 2016

Frauenfeld, Switzerland, is a "village" with approximately 20.000 inhabitants. It's quiet 360 days a year. The other days it's getting busy around here. For three days in summer, Frauenfeld turns into THE European capitol of Hip Hop. With 50.000 visitors the Openair Frauenfeld is known as the biggest Hip Hop Festival in Europe.
So after several years at other Hip Hop festivals, my friends and I decided to take it to a new level and visit the OAF. Folks, it was crazyyyy.
I don't have to mention details but as you can imagine, it was a massive turnup. People from all over the world coming to that little town in Switzerland, all celebrating the same kind of music. ONE LOVE. One Cúpla.
Okay wait. What`s "cúpla"? Another hype as you can surprisingly tell, reading my blog? 
No, honestly - it's more of a new vibe.

In the post about Jazz Cartier, who was playing at OAF as well, I've already told you about our Irish neighbours. They all painted the word "cúpla" on their tent. It took us at least one day to speculate about the meaning of this word until one of us just got the glorious idea to - well - ask. The given explanation was the following:
"cúpla" is an Irish word, meaning "a few". It could also mean "twins". In fact, it stands for a group. 
The cool thing about it: The three guys referred to cúpla as a movement. Sharing the same ideas, dreams, moments with like-minded people. This is cúpla. Regarding this fact, this Irish little word sounds way cooler than our average "squad" and should definitely replace it. 
I mean, what sounds cooler? "Mea cúpla" or "my squad"? (shoutout to everyone who got that bad wordplay). 
Okay, enough of my slang-advice. Here are some of my impressions of the OAF. As you can probably understand, I didn`t want to bring a high quality camera to this kind of festival. But I gave my all.


Even if the music was a bit displaced, here is the Official Aftermovie. #lit

xx to my cúpla,

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