Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

The best music advice I've been given: Jazz Cartier

Attending a 3-day festival with camping and portable toilets is hard. But the things you'll learn will definitely outweigh the disadvantages. For example having extremely cool "neighbours" from Dublin. While we were living the lowest life possible, they somehow made it to not only look trendy (and clean) all the time, they were also complimenting us for our excellent taste in music that we were playing on the campsite (that's self-confidence). 
Anyway, they recommended us to watch the "Jazz Cartier" concert at the festival....
Since we didn't really know a lot about him we used the time to chill around instead. 
What a f*ckin mistake. 
The feedback after the concert was extremely positive and I got the slight suspision that I missed a great act and that I will regret it. So it was.

Now that I know that Jazz Cartier should absolutely become much more famous I will try to spread that good stuff and get your attention for this amazing artist. 

Jazz Cartier (Instagram: @jacuzzilafleur), who was born in Toronto, has seen a lot already. Against all common rap clichés, I don't mean the hood thug life, but places for a change. He lived in several cities of the US, Barbados, Africa and the craziest of all: a boarding school (jk). 
When he decided to drop his first mixtape "Marauding in Paradise" in 2015 he really adapted the common trap sound. Even if the sound is quite "dark" it still has interesting melodies and chilled harmonies using instruments instead of monotonous beats. It mostly reminds me of Travis Scott. If you like him, you will love Jazz Cartier as well. Still, he is concinced of not having found "his" sound yet.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy his new album "Hotel Paranoia" on iTunes, but some of the songs are on soundcloud, including "Opera" (which has similarities with "Nightcrawler" by Travis) and "How We Do It", a remix of (surprise) Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it".

Besides of his great music, Jazz Cartier has an excellent taste when it comes to creating visuals. His videos are elegant and representing a fancy way of visualizing trap/ hiphop.
What about the name "Jacuzzi la fleur" that Jazz Cartier has given himself? Since one pseudonym isn't enough anymore for rappers these days, you got to get an alternate one. Jazz Cartier explains his creation like this: "Jacuzzi" is the only word that contains "Jazz" in it and "la fleur" is the product of one of his friends, a girl who is into flowers. Cute, hey?

Do yourself a favour and check this artist out. He is totally on the rise.


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