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Málaga Vibes - 10 tips for your visit

Two weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to explore the beautiful city of Málaga, Andalusia - a city that is definitely underestimated and full of little hidden treasures. After one week in magic Málaga, I created a little guidebook for you. Let's go!

#1: Restaurants, food and tapas

First thing you'll notice about southern Europeans: They have other rhythms. They eat later than most of us, take longer than most of us and enjoy more than we do. Dinner starts at 10 pm and can take up to three hours. Spanish people enjoy their food and take dinner as an essential part of the day. Tapas, paella and typical Spanish dishes are everywhere to be found and mostly they are pretty low-coast as well. A good "cerveza" (beer) or a nice wine will definitely complete a satisfying dinner in a nice atmosphere. 
Hypez & Vibez advises: Vineria Cervantes offers great wine and devine food! Great place!

#2: Party & Nightlife

Málaga is a pulsing city and young people go out all the time. Girls dress up in such a trendy way that we were almost intimidated lol.  
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the nightclubs there but I'm also not able to give reasonable feedback because we haven't tried out that much. Even if the people are very international, Málaga is still no touristic center. The music is very spanish and mostly chartmusic. Prices are okay, there are a lot of promoter who offer you good deals. They can be extremely irritating as well. Nevertheless, if you want to party a lot in your vacation, then Málaga might not be the best place for you.

#3: The harbour and promenade

I'm obsessed with the promenade of Málaga. It looks so classy, offers cute boutiques, fancy restaurants and a lot of interesting people to watch. You can book nice boat cruises here (Definitely a MUST!), prices vary from 10€-15€ for 1 - 1,5 hours. It was by far my favourite place in Málaga. The view you get is just amazing.

#4: Architecture and cityscape

What's really interesting is the mix between old buildings (e.g the old cathedral) and new architecture like the famous canopy at the harbour. If you love architectural features or pretty cityscapes in general, Málaga presents the next amazement just around the corner.

#5: Beaches 
Beaches in Málaga are mostly clean and pretty. The beaches on the right of the harbour are a bit dirtier. For young people the beach in Malagueta is definitely the best options. A lot of international exchange students spend their days at this beach, playing volleyball and having a good time. The famous Malagueta sign is also worth a visit, even without beaching. You can get chairs and sun umbrellas for 4€ a day. If you want to relax on the beach all day all week, Málaga is probably not the number one location to go to. If you would rather mix your vacation with beachdays, sightseeing or shopping, bienvenidos a Málaga!

#6: Shopping and strolling

It's hard to walk past the great shops in Málaga. You can find all the European brands like Stradivarius, Bershka, Mango, Zara, Springfield, etc. On top of that, small unique boutiques complete the shopping adventure. I actually didn't want to go shopping at all during our stay. But guess what. It didn't work. The best (and most beautiful) shopping street is the "Calle Marqués de Larios". Shopping centers like "Avenida de la Aurora" are also worth a visit if you want to spend money.

#7: Sightseeing and must-sees

Other than Barcelona or Madrid, Málaga is not packed with sights. You got to inform yourself about the different attractions in order to know where to search and find. Málaga is famous for it's world-known "son" Pablo Picasso. Not only can you visit the birthplace of Picasso but also the correspondent museum. Another intersting thing is the view from Alcazabar & Gibralfaro. The old castle provides you with the best view over the city and the remains of the stronghold are also very interesting despite of the view. What else is worth a visit during your stay? The old market is great to buy some fresh smoothies and juices. The huge cathedral is massive and very impressive on the outside and on the inside. Like every other city is Málaga indeed rich in sights, but you can only catch the real "sprit" by walking through the streets, watching the people and participating in the life of the locals. 

#8: Drinks and bars

There are tons of bars in the old town. If you really want to save money you can go to "TragaTapas" close to Plaza de la Merced. You can get rediculously cheap longdrinks for 3,50€ and beers for 1€. Also you can find a lot of shisha bars, if this is something for you. If anybody asks you, if you want to buy "chocolate" you can either say yes and levitate through Málaga or you can stay legal and say no. (in case you didn`t get it: you`re a good person.)

#9: Public transport

The bus system in Málaga is excellent. One drive is 1,30€, irregardless of how long or how far you want to travel. They run frequently during the day and even during the night. If you are sensitive with aircons, be aware that the buses are like freezers. In general, you won't need taxis unless you hate public transport. 

#10: Language and communication

Sheesh, I never had a harder time communicating in English before. Obviously, the Spanish people are like the French and English people. Speaking one of the world languages, it's unnecessary to learn another. Seriously, there were only a few who spoke a bit of broken English, the most couldn't even count in English. There was no other option than learning some words in Spanish within a week. I really learned a lot of words during that stay. At least one positive side effect. 

Okay guys, let me know if you've been to Málaga before, if you agree or disagree and don't hesitate to ask me anything you want about it!


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