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Festival Vibes - a guideline for packing, saving money and having the time of your life

It's the time of the year again: A roadtrip with a fully packed car, funny and motivated people, ready to turn up, and only one destination: The festival you've been waiting for the whole year!
Besides all the fun and reckless behavious (*singing "Pillow Taaaalk") there is some serious planing to do in advance.
Important questions like "What to bring", "How much alcohol is permitted", "What to wear" and "How can I save as many bugs as possible" are to be discussed with your squad. 
So this post's main goal is to share some advice, to tell you about our funny selftest and to get you in a crazy "tuuuuurrrrrn up mood". So let's start with the most important point:

The Essentials 

- tents (obvious)
- a camping stove (check the official FAQs, some festivals don't permit gas, bonfires, etc)
- dishes (knowing that it's irresponsible advice but seriously: do yourself a favour and take paper plates, plastic forks,...) 
 - pots (2 are more than enough)
- camping chairs or picknick blankets
- light sleeping bags and camping mat
- padlocks for the tents and personal belongings
- backpack for your clothes (you have enough to carry)
- insect spray and incense sticks
- portable speakers
- an old phone 
- ducktape
- small camping table
- flashlight
- baby wipes
- sanitary articles (small sizes)
- FOOD (gonna talk about that in more details)

Backpacks are your best friend. It's just so much more practical than shoulder bags and you can have all your carry-on essentials right by your side (or on your back).

Saving Money

So this is what our selftest is all about. Since we are going to the biggest HipHop/Urban Festival in Europe, the Open Air Frauenfeld *Website (Switzerland), it's going to be hella expensive. Only 4 days left until we will find out if it's possible to survive the festival with only 100 CHF. 
Not only are there unexpected expenses, but the prices for drinks and food are just out of the European league. So, the following tips are definitely neither healthy nor advisable but they may be effective if you want to save money the best way possible. (IRONY)

- appetite suppressants (cheap in drug stores and very effective when you want to avoid buying overprized food. Another benefit: The less you eat, the less alcohol you need ;) )

- drink a lot of water and fill your stomach with things like bread, rice, rusk, crackers or something that is eventually going to swell in your stomach (lentils, chia seeds,..)

- use the maximum of the permitted amount of food to bring from home. You can buy typical "festival food": Instant meals like ravioli, chinese noodles, sausages in tins,.... and save a huge amount of money. Also be aware of the maximum of the permitted amout of alcohol. Drinks are totally overprized and you are smarter if you bring alcohol from home. 

- be flirty and try to find a generous sponsor. A little "selling yourself at less than fair value" never killed nobody. Get a drink, say thanks, and then run. Run as fast as possible. 

- make friends and use their stuff too. That's pretty awesome.

- chewing gum and brushing your theeth like literally all the time will definitely make you buy less food. 

- tell yourself that you are "totally sick and if you gonna eat or drink anything you will vomit the whole day and night". Psychological first aid.

I will try all the tips and tell you how it went. LOL.

What To Wear

A 4-day hiphop festival might be stylish the first two days but the rest of the time you'll look like a homeless person on drugs. So it's important to find a balance between trendy and casual. Since it's no Hipster-Coachella-Flowercrown-Shit, you don't wanna wear stuff like this. PLEASE! Here are my ideas on how to be appropriately dressed.

- Merch. First of all, don't wear the current merch you can purchase directly at the festival. You can buy it, but don't wear it (unless in your tent or when it's dark). It's much cooler to wear merch that you purchased on previous festivals or concerts. It shows that you've been affected to this music genre for a long long time.

- "Fake" or "unofficial" merch: My personally coolest sort of merch is the merch that was not available at concerts or festivals. Like in the picture above, tees and sweaters that clearly show that you are into the music without having an "awkward" design, are the best. Also try to DIY your own "unofficial" merch shirt: Find a cool picture of your favourite artist or a line of your favourite sond and print it on a shirt. If someone compliments your shirt: MARRY HIM/HER!

- Essentials: bring long pants, shorts, a sweater, sweatpants to sleep in, swimsuit, substitutional tops, rain cape, good shoes.

- DIY shirts: Shirts that you and your squad designed together (like a "group-shirt kinda thing") or shirts that you customized yourself are great to wear on a festival. It's unique and we all dress to impress, hey?

The shirt on the left is *SPOILER ALERT* the design of a good friend of mine. Our squad is wearing the shirt at the festival for the first time. More about this shirt on my next post!
The tank on the right is my own creation. I just did a little DIY on the white tank of "Cheap Monday". 


Time To TURN UP!

Okay, now let go of all the planning, jump in the car and have a freakin great weekend!
Even if you forgot essential must-haves at home, there is always a way to survive without them! 
The most important thing is to break free, enjoy your favourite artists, flirt around and break all the rules. Okay, drink responsibly. And if not: At least, please don't die. 
I wish you a great time. Maybe we see us at OAF. If not, I'll give you a feedback of the festival right here on "Hypez & Vibez".

XX #tuurrnup

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