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party like a German - Which European party destination is the one for YOU? [TEST]

Germans not only love to party, they are also pretty good in it! There's more to explore than just our traditional "Oktoberfest" and that is why we love to conquer some southern European party destinations over summer. 
So whether you are German or you just want to know what it would be like, here's the ultimate guide for selftesting. 
After these questions, you'll know exactly where to spend your vacation like a real German!  


For finding out which destination is perfect for you, you simply choose ONE fitting answer for each of the 7 questions and note down the number in brackets. 

1. Describe your taste in music.

a) I love House, Electronic.... I listen to the Charts....I like "Fast Car" by Taio Cruz (15)
b) As long as you can party to it, I'm fine. I love German pop music. (0)
c) I don't have any favourite styles (especially when drunk) (10)
d) A little Hip Hop/ Black Music, Rap, RnB never killed nobody (20)
e) I need a festival atmosphere! A big crowd who celebrates the same thing. Techno is cool, too. (5)

2. The prefect beach looks like this:

a) I like vibey beach promenades. You can have a beautiful view on the ocean but also watch the people walking by. (20)
b) I wanna party all day and all night. I want a busy beach with an atmosphere to turn up to! (0)
c) I don't mind if the beach is quiet. I love swimming so the water should be clear (and clean). (5)
d) As long as I can get tanned, I'm good. I don't wanna swim anyways, but a sunbed would be cool (10)
e) I wanna see the city skyline in the background (15

3. My attitude towards holiday flirts:

a) Holiday flirts are not important to me. (15)
b) I love flirting. That's what holidays are here for. I want fun, fun, fun! (20)
c) I'll take what I can get. Don't think, just do it. I also like to bet with my friends on who can get the most one-night-stands. (0)
d) I haven't thought about it yet. If the counterpart is matching, I'd be in for a little fun, I guess. (10)
e) It's nothing to be planned. Who knows? (5)

4. My accomodation should be like this:

a) Cheap at any price (lol) (0)
b) A little style and comfort are some of my requirements (15
c) If it is high-quality, I don't mind paying a little more (10)
d) I'm open. Camping is cool, too (5)
e) The relation of price and performance must be ideal. (20)

5. My favourite food on holidays:

a) German. (0
b) Pizza, Pasta, Gelato, Amore (10
c) I like to try traditional food. And I love fish. (5)
d) I want to have a wide range of food. International. (15)
e) I like Paella, but sometimes, you gotta eat McDonald's. (20)

6. My attitude towards clubs:

a) They musn't be too big. I like keeping all my friends together. (10)
b) I like big clubs, small clubs, lounges, bars, I party everywhere. (20)
c) I'd rather party outdoors. (5)
d) I like stylish clubs. (15)
e) Clubs? I don't care. I need alcohol and potential flirts. (0)

7. After the holiday, my goals are:

a) I will have met a lot of new people. (5)
b) I won't have any memories. Who'll remember what happened, wasn't attendant. (0)
c) Big shopping bags and a lot of cool pictures. (15)
d) I want to be able to tell a lot of great stories. Therefore, I risk having the flu (and a destroyed liver) (20)
e) I want to be tanned. I don't mind gaining 4 pounds, as long as I had amazing food! (10

 SO, that's a wrap. Now go and add all your numbers together. Your result is below.

0 - 20 points: PALMA DE MALLORCA

You like to get wasted, huh? You wanna be a real German, huh? Your place to be is definitely Palma de Mallorca. You get beer, flirts, tattoos (lol), Sangria,.... Simply everything you need to experience one week of madness. But be prepared: Your expectations must be the lowest possible. I can't garantuee you that nothing bad will happen. 

25 - 40 points: CROATIA

You want to be outdoors, meet new people and festivals are the best thing on earth for you? Croatia is absolutely right for you. Whereever you go (Pag - Novalja, Makarska, Rovinj, etc), you will have the time of your life. Croatia has no sandy beaches, but I'm sure it won't be a problem for you. The food is delicious. The prices vary a lot.

45 - 70 points: RIMINI, ITALY

Rimini in Italy has everything you need. Good food, comfortable beaches (even if the water is usually dirty), Party and La Dolce Vita. The clubs are manageable and just in case you also want to relax a bit, Rimini is perfect. Close to Venice and San Marino, you can also enjoy nice outings. In general: Every holiday is what you make it, but in Rimini the conditions are good to make it even BETTER.

75 - 105 points: Barcelona

Barcelona is a party destinations for the urban lifestyle lovers. If you want to spend your day strolling through the streets of vibey Barca, relaxing on the beach next to the harbour and your nights dancing in trendy clubs, you'll be right in the city of famous football clubs, the Picasso museum and the art of Gaudi. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You can enjoy the city as well as the beach. Perfect for fashionistas, photographers, art-lovers and seekers for vibrant places. 

110 - 140 points: LLORET DE MAR, SPAIN

Lloret de Mar is also known as a lighter version of Palma de Mallorca. Whoever says that: I got to disagree. Lloret de Mar is WHAT YOU MAKE IT! While you have no choice in Palma (you MUST go out and get f*cked up), you can at least decide if you want to relax a bit in Lloret. The clubs are really mixed, you'll find the finest black tunes (my absolute favourite club in Lloret: LONDONER), as well as famous DJs and artists (Snoop Dog, Avicii,...) in clubs like TROPICS or St. TROP.
Lloret's tourist majority is definitely male. Maybe you're interested in that.
You can get wasted here, but I promise, it's gonna be great. 

Alright guys, now you know where to go for your next holiday based on your attitudes, wishes and expectations.
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