Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

music vibes - my "bad weather" - playlists (English + German)

You'd rather go outside instead of lying in bed all day. But since you got that typical pre-summer weather, rainy yet warm and wet....uurgh...why not embracing the laziness and tiredness? To be honest, "bad weather" doesn't necessarily mean "bad weather". It can also mean "bad mood", "cuddle mood", "soft stuff". Just get a picture yourself.

These are my personal vibey playlists (one "English only" and one "German only") for the ultimate "bad weather chill" without feeling any remorse. Here they come:
(WARNING: The following songs may not be known, up-to-date or meant to please the mainstream-group)

bad weather playlist #1 (English Only)

1. J Cole - Breakdown *listen here

2. Foxy Brown - Gotta Get You Home (feat. Blackstreet) *listen here

3. Kevin Gates - Pride *listen here 

4. Wiz Khalifa - Hollywood Hoes *listen here 

5. Ray J - Brown Sugar (feat. Lil Wayne) *listen here 

6. Jeremih - Planes (feat. J Cole) *listen here (only LIVE-VERSION) 

7. Luke Christopher - Bedroom Trip *listen here

8. Mac Miller - Someone Like You *listen here 

9. Kendrick Lamar - Ronald Reagan Era *listen here     (ABSOLUTE FAV FOREVER)

10. 2Pac - Krazy *listen here 

11. Lil Wayne - Shoot Me Down *listen here 

12. Drake - Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy) *listen here 

I tried not to choose one artist twice. Seriously, creating playlists are alsways heartbreaking to me because I have to pick out of a million favourites. I could go on and on. 
If you want more playlists, just let me know!

Now back at it again with da German stuff.
Für alle Deutschrap-Fans, jetzt kommt ein Potpourri der "seichten" Songs aus den frühen 2010ern lol.

bad weather playlist #2 (German Only)

1. Prinz Pi - Tief *listen here 

2. Marsimoto - Trippin *listen here (schneller als Original) 

3. MoTrip - Malcolm Mittendrin *listen here 

4. Gerard - Raten *listen here 

5. Capo - Tief In Die Nacht (feat. Bausa) *listen here 

6. Chakuza - Hollywoodliebe *listen here (LIVE VERSION, skip to 0:56) 

7. Prinz Pi - Wieder und Wieder *listen here 

8. Casper - Ariel *listen here 

9. Prinz Pi - Minenfeld *listen here

10. MoTrip - Feder im Wind *listen here  

That's a wrap!
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Teaser Alert: There might be a collab coming up in the next time.... To be continued...


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