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Mind of a Genius - How MOAG is becoming a rising record label

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When listening to THEY.GallantZHU or the Norwegian Klangstof there is a special feeling coming up. A feeling of listening to something unique. Something that isn't attached to the endless line of mainstream music, being continuously blended over and over again. 
But what is it that these four artists all have in common? 
Exactly: They are all signed at "Mind of a Genius Music Group".
When David Dann decided to leave the "being only a DJ" behind in 2013 he aimed to create something bigger. He wanted to bring it about that his label would become an environment where his artists could fully express themselves without getting pressure from outside. Mixing different music styles in order to get a sound that has never been here before is something that MOAG represents with excellency.
Gently used electronic sounds mixed with elements of R'n'B, Indie and Alternative is what arises when David Dann and his artists are working on their songs. 
Being inspired by record labels like Motown or XL Records, MOAG, located in Los Angeles, knows how to set their personal bar very high. 
ZHU has already landed his first major hit with the single "Faded" and the other artists are catching up.

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Since it was my pleasure to see THEY.  on Bryson Tiller's Trapsoul Tour in Frankfurt, I can honestly say that MOAG really knows who to sign. I'ts usually hard to convince me with opening acts on any tour but THEY. really made that place go lit. 
So what's coming next? In the interview of UK Complex Magazine Dann says: “My biggest goal for this year is to hopefully get everyone attached to my acts via their albums. They all have such incredible stories to tell." 
So glad to say that we can expect new albums, songs and projects from all of the four MOAG artists.

Now go and enjoy some music of the MOAG family until new stuff will be served!





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