Samstag, 21. Mai 2016

summer restart

Summer is knocking at our doors and like every other year we're trying to make it epic. However, there might still be a few setbacks or challenges that you're tying to overcome from the past few months of winter. Perhabs you over indulged in comfort foods or you you've been struggling with bad decisions ever since. The pressure to be in your best mental and physical state gets real by the day as summer looms. It is therefore important to start the new season woth a refreshed and rewired mindset. You don't wanna be a new person, but you wanna be a better YOU!
Here are some of my tips for your personal development journey:


 #1: Create a to-do-list for summer activities

A good way to prepare yourself mentally for summer is to give yourself a summary of what is planned. Festivals, vacations, outings, parties and everything that you desperately want to do during the summer season should be written down on a large piece of paper. You can place it visibly in your room to constantly remind yourself what still needs to be done or what is still waiting for you. Also include things like painting your apartment, DIY, gym, picknicks, a visit at the new spa, etc...I promise: Slowly but surely ticking all your points will become addictive!

#2: Prepare your body for the season

If you want to look good in summer you gotta put in the work and I'm not talking about crash diets or exaggerated gym-fads. All you gotta do is be aware of your physical health conditions. Make sure to stay hydrated, exercise regularly, even do some Victoria's Secret workouts or take a ride on your bike and get your essential nutrients from freshly made food rather than Burger King. Spoiling yourself with an extensive body care once a week will not only make you look better but also feel amazing in your own skin. Get that glow!

#3: Reflect on yourself

Especially this summer I feel like a lot of changes are coming along the way. Lately, I've been spending my time reflecting on myself, evaluating some of my good and bad habits and trying to decide which ones to let go of or embrace. Most people call this "new year's resolution" but for me those inner perceptions mostly come in spring. Reflect on how you want to be seen. Which attributes do you wanna represent? It's important to come to light before summer starts.

#4: Go shopping

Summer shopping is just so satisfying (except finding swimwear) that I definitely need it in order to realise that a new summer is around the corner. To connect this point with the previous #3, as soon as you know which features of yourself should be more appreciated you can also start to emphasize your better YOU with appropriate clothing. Fine feathers make fine birds. 

 #5: It's good to have fun but you gotta know when it's time to cut down a little

Sure, summer is the fun season. Outdoor parties everywhere, vacation, days get longer and dresses get shorter. It's the time to have a blast. A little party never killed nobody but always remember to control yourself and turn up responsibly. The guilt the morning after and the days and money wasted on partying too hard are just not worth it.It's always good to get turnt, but to a certain extent.

#6: Give yourself time to relax

Even if your motivation is high and you want to get your act together, you still need to allow your body to relax. If you're stressed out at the very beginning of summer it will never really fade. It's ok to skip the gym once if you just don't feel well. And it's ok to sleep in if you're on leave. As long as it doesn't become your new lazy lifestyle, you need to give yourself a break every now and then. 

#7: Surround yourself with good peeps

The best memories are made in summer. Try and avoid spending rime with people who won't make any contribution to those good memories or add much value to your life. They can be quite a headache. Rather surround yourself with positive peeps that radiate good vibes 'coz that's what summer is about right?

#8: Lastly, have a damn good summer 2k16

Now go and enjoy yourself. It's all about being happy and if you're not then work on it!

I soon will be releasing a new post about the festival season soon and how to prepare for it, as well as some posts about the perfect vacation and everything around it!

To be continued.... ♥

*edited by Ntokozo Majozi

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