Samstag, 14. Mai 2016

#savetheculture Hypez

A new hype has reached social media. The #savetheculture movement represents the complete opposite of ridiculous "challenges" like the #kyliejennerchallenge or the #paperchallenge. This one right here might actually really turn into a real movement. A big one.

If you saw these types of posts on Facebook or Instagram lately and you wondered what this is all about: I have the answers. 
The #savetheculture movement anticipates a worldwide book exchange. In order to receive books from unknown people, all you got to do is sending ONE book. It's like a permanent chain reaction. 
1. First of all, you "like" another person's post about the book exchange (I will call this person the "distributor" for a better understanding). The "like" signals the distributor that you are interested in the project. 

2.  You will receive an adress of a person that you gonna send a book to (I'll call this person the "recipient"). Moreover, the distributor will give you his/her own adress.

3. You share the #savetheculture summary on your own timeline and hope for likes/ potential participants.

4. Now that you found potential participants who liked your post, you gonna send them a message including the following information:
- the distributor's adress (he becomes the recipient now)
- your own adress (you become the distributor) 

5. Your participants will do all of those steps as well. 

If you're good at calculating you'll probably have realised that the "likers" of YOUR "likers" will be the ones, who will send the books, that you're going to receive. I know, it's complicated. What's also pretty damn cool: The more people like your own likers post, the more books you will receive! You know what? Stop thinking and trying to understad, just do it! 

I already have shared #savetheculture on Facebook myself. In the next few days, I'm going to send a book to a girl in Germany. I hope she will enjoy. 

But why is #savetheculture so beautifully refreshing compared to all those stupid challenges and hypes? 
In times of social media,online news and ebooks, a lot of people underestimate the power and beauty of a printed hardcover book. Although print media is still an important issue, young people rather "click" their way through information. 
With this movement people will be motivated to "donate" one single book in order to receive approximately 10 books back. In our stingy society where taking is just so much easier than giving, a challenge like this could really work out. It takes only a little effort and it will be multiply rewarded. 
#savetheculture's main goal is obviously to maintain cultural issues. It makes people to get in touch with books and reading in an easier way and, if done right, it will not only become a book exchange but also an international exchange of different cultures, lifestyle, interests, language and knowledge. Seriously, I'm such an excited fan of all this #savetheculture hype. Please be so kind and try it yourself! You won't regret it!

#savetheculture is also represented on Facebook by an "official" page. You can find it *here.

On top of that, I linked some very nice tumblrs about books below. Feel free to check them out!

Forever Lost in Literature 
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Paper Fury Inc.  (the first picture is taken from this blog)

Okay guys, stay as freaking awesome as you are and don't forget to participate in #savetheculture.

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