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"pizza hypes" - when did it become cool to eat crap?

Some of us must search for it, some have it but must export it in order to survive, some have an excess supply and waste it - food.
In a time when 80% of our food is (genetically) modified and causes illnesses and bad health conditions, how could you not talk about it? Now that we know, that food can be both, our best friend (even lifesaver) but also our worst enemy, I'm wondering:
When did it become "sexy" to eat fast food and candy instead of healthy, nutrious food?
As soon as you have a look on Facebook, Instagram etc. you see it everywhere:
"Yeah, it's 'fries-day'", "Pizza over everything" and all these ridiculous memes that praise an unhealthy lifestyle to the fullest.
There are half-naked chicks eating pizza and chips in bed, looking fantastic.
You think: Somehow, I like their lifestyle. They don't give a damn about healthy eating, they don't eat salad and they aren't like these skinny girls that are afraid to eat pasta". The fact that you are not alone with your unhealthy weaknesses makes you feel better about yourself.

Some will argue, that it's great to see this kind of development. Girls are motivated to eat instead of starving for the "perfect" bony body. 
I'm asking myself (and everybody else): Is eating pizza, burgers and fries really as sexy as it is shown in social media?

Pictures like this are all over social media and make us feel less bad if we chose a fatty BK-meal over the homemade salmon and rice. 
Okay, we got it: The whole world (me included) loves pizza. Burgers, fries, sweet candy and unhealthy choices are extremely bad for your body but I admit it: Every now and then they brighten up your soul. 
Anyway, I'm not gonna lose my point in this issue: It doesn't make you any sexier if you eat a pizza and it doesn't make you any cooler.
Men, saying they like it when their girlfriends are having a burger, don't mean they find it sexy if she eats it every day. Listen, I don't want you to stop eating what you like. If you feel like a burger today, that's great. If you feel like a burger EVERY DAY, it's time to self-reflect.


Pages like "Tasty" usually promote easy and fast recipies. Unfortunately, the recipies are rarely healthy and mostly full of sugar, fat and "empty" calories. Since they look so easy and yummy, people are more likely to try them at home. There are no pages that promote healthy snacks the same way. Why? Because most of the poeple think "healthy = disgusting". 

"You are what you eat" is never a wrong statement. A woman that is super picky about the calories is as annoying as a girl who only likes pizza and chocolate.
The skinny picky girl obviously has a slight eating disorder because she can't enjoy her food anymore.
The fast food junkie - chick has other consequences: bad skin, no inner acid-base balance, weight issues and I'm sorry but they don't smell as good as healthy girls (what "smelling" means...I give that up to you guys).

Don't you think that a woman who cares about her diet loves herself much more than a chick who doesn't even care what she feeds her "temple" with? To care for your own body means it is valuable to you. Isn't that much more attractive? 
Let us please appreciate the girls again who most of the time have an eye on a healthy balanced lifestyle eating fresh, nutrious food and enjoy "cheat melas" only from time to time. 

I'm not trying to give you another lesson about healthy diets. I just wanna raise awareness of the current trends and that they're not as cool as most of the people think. 

If you wanna inform yourself more about this issue I recommend reading the following books I linked below.


"Skinny Bitch" - The honest badass guide 

"Eat Pretty" - The gentle lifestyle that awakens your inner glow 

"The Honest Life" - Jessica Alba's guide to a natural and healthy lifestyle 

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