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Queen B did it again: her LEMONADE project is a true coup dètat. 
She released her new album over night and as we all expected, it was only available on what? TIDAL. Sure, you still have to support your apparent unfaithful husband in any way. Being the owner of TIDAL, Jay Z is now trying to win all the fellow artists over on the dark side. Thank God, Beyoncé made up her mind and released her new album on iTunes and other streaming websites. Personally, I think this is the reason for the extremely increasing numbers of sales. Everyone, who tried to buy the album the very first day got dissapointed and managed to grab it on iTunes the moment it was available. No, just kidding. 

Next to the fact that B is (and remains) a true marketing genius, the "visual album" including a one-hour movie is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Still, the "I wanna create something that nobody has ever created before me" hype finally reached B as well. Thinking that Kanye's "TLOP" projectartthing (whatever it is) was unique, Beyoncé now tries to put things on another level. She simply adds a whole movie to the 12-track album, a musicvideo for the whole album. 
But let's move on to the serious part. My personal analyse.

First of all: the movie is wild. On first sight you get a thousand of different pictures and scenes, and confusing monologues between the songs. It's a slight overstimulation. Although, if you take a closer look, you'll be able to see B's intention. 

The role of the "Black Woman"

The main theme of the movie (!) is definitely the role of the black woman. Even if the album systematically emphasizes with the stages of being betrayed, the focus in the movie is clearly on the women. B is accompanied by beautiful ladies. They stand as a unit and convey a sense of community. What's pretty interesting: The girls change their style in every scene and we can admire gorgeous typical African hairstyles. Beyoncé wants to put the image of the strong "African Queen" on herself as well as on any other black woman. 

The pictures are always aesthetic and transmit a certain kind of power. It's interesting to see the scenes of the women at a place reminding of a farm in the southern states in times of slavery. The women appear in typical, subtle clothing representing the former slave owners. Now, we can also put the already iconic "Becky with the good hair" in context. In times of slavery the women with a lighter skin colour and a hair structure similar to the European one were the ones with "good hair". We just try to ignore the fact that Beyoncé is ironically making a generalised statement about white women. Girl, what to do you stand for?

Some scenes later, Beyoncé is showing her hometown, Houston, Texas. Scenes from the streets, young musicians, families, women in modest circumstances. Being proud of your origin becomes a new theme of the movie. The role of the black woman is not only defined by recordings of Malcolm X's speech about the "Black Woman in the US"
"The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.
The most unprotected person in America is the black woman.
The most neglected person in America is the black woman."

it also deals with women who lost their sons, partners or fathers who fought for the Army. 

In the end, B leaves the resentment behind and gets emotional in "All Night". Beautiful scenes of loving coules, including her and Jay Z, are shown.

In fact, Beyoncé includes good attempts in her visual album. Small wisdoms are hidden in Lemonade, still the movie seems to be intededly artistic. I feel like she tried a bit too hard. Giving herself the role of the African Queen isn't completely authentic: Beyoncé was "accused" of skin bleachings, etc.
Furthermore, it is hard to say what Lemonade IS about. Is it betrayal? Black women? Oh right, don't forget the songs... Impressive scenes and on top of that the monologues....

Sure, the movie is absolutely well done and creative but it all seems a bit hypocritical. But Queen B wouldn't be Queen B if she didn't provide us with all kinds of question marks. That's what she is. Or trying to be. A big piece of art that is not always understood.

Just in case you couldn`t really follow the plot of the movie, just relax and admire the flawless beauty of Mrs. Knowles-Carter. Cause one thing can't be denied: She's slayin.

I have no rights on the used fotomaterial. If there are any concerns don't hesitate to contact me. 

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