Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

introducing: streetwear today

You are into modern streetwear that is influenced by music scenes and hyped lifestyles?
You love to read about rising designers and their intentions just as well as inspiring people that lead a rad lifestyle?
So why haven't you conceived "Streetwear Today" yet?

The German magazine includes interesting articles, beautifully and cunningly written. The best? "Streetwear Today" is completely in English, which makes it a lot easier for EVERYBODY to partake. 

Not only is it so much fun to smile about the clever word choice which the authors definitely be proficient in, but it is also great to stroll through the pages and admiring the beautiful photographs. You get a sense of vitality and groove. 
Especially if you are a sneaker head and love outlandish styles you will certainly take pleasure in Streetwear Today.

Since the magazine is absolutely high-quality (in terms of bulk and manufacturing) and stuffed with super interesting articles, it's absolutely appropriate that the magazine is released four times a year. International readers who are not living in Germany can purchase a one-year subscription for 30€ (shipping included). German readers pay 20€.

If you feel like informing yourself further about "Streetwear Today", I've linked their social media below. 
Let's support the producers of this fantastic fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Instagram: @streetwear_today 
Facebook: streetwear today
E-Mail (also if you wanna subscribe): office@stw2d.com


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